Win $100 Painterly Pottery Painting Party

Anytime is a great time to get together with some friends for a Painting Party!  My 96.1 is teaming with Painterly Pottery in Saginaw and Bay City to give away monthly $100 certificates to use towards your own specially created Painting Party. Depending on the cost of the items you choose to paint, invite a bunch of friends, or just a couple. Hosting a painting party is fun and the staff at Painterly Pottery make it so easy:

Step One:  Select your pieces from over 1,000 unfinished ceramic items.

Step Two:  Head to the color bar and choose from over 80 glaze colors. Staff artists will give you a few helpful pointers and answer any questions you may have.

Step Three: Start painting! Relax and enjoy the experience, spend as much time in the studio and use all the glaze you need.

Again, once a month we will draw a random winner and that person wins $100 to use towards their painting party!