Snap Away for Day’s Day

My 96 1 and Northwoods Wholesale Outlet want to make Dad a big winner for Father’s Day!   Enter the “Snap Away for Dad’s Day” photo contest!    We want to see a photo of Dad with the family!  Recent photo, old photo, doesn’t matter!    When you submit a photo, you’re then eligible to win a $100 gift card to Dad’s favorite store…Northwooods Wholesale Outlet in Pinconning.   100 bucks to spend on new fishing gear,  a new kayak,  a new pair of carharts, a smoker or a new grill!  Or maybe Dad has his eye on some new hunting gear?  We’ll draw 10 winning Dad’s on the Friday before Father’s Day…each will win a $100 gift card of their very own.     So “Snap Away for Dad’s Day” and show us those smiling faces of Dad and the family!   Submit a picture now!

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