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*Insert generic, corny, About Me paragraph here*

Hey everyone! Elisha here! I am a little awkward but I tell really funny jokes.

I am from Clio, Mi & I absolutely love music, animals, food, wine & traveling (:

I try to go to as many concerts & music festivals as I can! I truly believe music creates happiness and I am so unbelievably lucky to have a job where I can listen to music all day! I really hope the music we play throughout the day puts you all in a happy mood & makes you dance.

I have 2 very loving fur babies that demand a lot of my attention but they are so worth it. They are both German Shepherds, Athena & Thor. Basically it wouldn’t be normal if there wasn’t dog hair in my food or all over my clothes, or if Thor wasn’t cuddling with me thinking he was a lap dog & not 80 pounds. Honestly I would adopt every single dog in the world if I could!

When I’m not at work I try & make it to the gym, I do Crossfit (yes, I’m one of those weirdos), & my fiance & I do quite a bit of 5k’s throughout the year. When I’m at home though I definitely live the Netflix & chill life. I ‘m also a sleepaholic, I truly believe I could sleep through an apocalypse. I also make it a point to see my family at least once a week if not more, they are amazing!

Lastly, I am in love. With food. I could live off of mac & cheese, tacos & moscato (No meat though because I’m a vegetarian, again, love those animals).

Happy listening beautiful souls!