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New York City children get to go back to school

Temperature checks and even some rapid Covid-19 testing machines will join children with backpacks that seem way too large for them as trappings of the first day of school in New York City on Tuesday. The nation’s largest school district is opening classroom doors for students in elementary schools, as well as continuing to offer…MORE

Resident describes giant chunks of ash falling across the Bay Area

Residents in northern California are dealing with more than just smoke from deadly wildfires in the area, with pictures showing shockingly large chunks of ash that have fallen. Santa Rosa resident Morgan Balaei told CNN Monday she has seen at least two large pieces of ash fall from the sky over her neighborhood in California.…MORE

Puberty in a pandemic? It’s not all bad news, experts say

For many, the pandemic has scrambled any sense of passing time. Parents and pediatricians know better: Babies turn into toddlers, who turn into elementary school students, who eventually hit puberty. Kids grow up no matter what happens in the outside world. “I have a number of patients who have gotten their periods since the pandemic…MORE

Dentists are seeing more cracked teeth. Pandemic stress is to blame

Shingles, maskne, migraines and quarantine fatigue: The stress of the pandemic has manifested in a variety of physical ailments. The latest evidence of this is a rise in cracked teeth. “We have seen an increasing amount of fractured teeth in probably the past six months,” said Dr. Paul Koshgerian, an oral surgeon with The Oral…MORE