CFP committee won’t penalize teams for number of games

The College Football Playoff selection committee will not penalize a team for playing fewer games than another team as it determines its rankings of the nation’s top teams.That’s according to a question-and-answer memo issued by the committee on Sunday as it prepares to decide its first rankings of the season on Tuesday.”2020 has changed so much for so many, including the CFP. Some of our approaches will be the same as always, and others will reflect the unique nature of this year,” said Bill Hancock, executive director of the committee. “We are confident that the committee will be able to select the best four teams and rank the rest of the 25 as always.”The rankings will continue weekly through Dec. 20. The top four teams in the final ranking will play in the two national semifinal games to determine who plays for the national championship in January.”The number of games and wins by each team is certainly important in weighing its ranking, but it is not the only factor,” the committee said in the memo.”The more games played, the more chances a team has to prove itself to the committee. If the committee feels the 7-1 team has more quality wins despite one loss, it will factor that into its rankings. If it feels the 3-0 team’s undefeated start is more impressive, it will factor that into its rankings. The protocol and the 13 members will continue to assess the teams and use what they have seen on the field week after week.”