Lions fire special teams coordinator after fake punt call

The Detroit Lions fired special teams coordinator Brayden Coombs on Monday with two games remaining in the season.Multiple reports pointed to Coombs’ ill-fated decision to call a fake punt in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 46-25 loss to the Tennessee Titans.The Lions were trailing by 14 points with 12 minutes remaining at the time, but C.J. Moore’s run on fourth-and-4 came up a yard short and gave the Titans possession at the Detroit 34. Tennessee scored a touchdown six plays later to extend its lead to 39-18.Citing a source in the organization, the Detroit News said Coombs’ firing was a “cultural decision” and that the 34-year-old assistant made the call “without running it by anyone else.””The feeling within the organization is Coombs was more about himself than the team,” the Detroit News wrote.